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Services We Offer

Summit HealthCare Services provides skilled nursing care as ordered by your Physician. Skilled nursing care is provided on an intermittent basis (visits) for patients confined to home due to illness or injury or who are recovering from surgery. Services may include:


Nursing Care

Nursing Care includes a wide variety of services including, but not limited to, medication management, chronic illness assessment and management, wound care, IV therapy, pain management, comfort measures and education related to medication and illness.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy includes the prevention of disability and with the evaluation, maintenance, and improvement of the functions of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems of the individual. Treatments are designed to assist the individual in achieving realistic goals, consistent with the functional capacity by improving joint function, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance; developing motor skills, and relieving or managing pain. Physical Therapy is implemented through preventive intervention and direct patient care.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy assists people who have a variety of speech-related disorders. These disorders can include the inability to produce certain sounds, speech rhythm, fluency problems, voice disorders and swallowing difficulties. Speech Therapy enhances communicative effectiveness of patients following stroke, head injury, laryngectomy, and voice deficits.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy assists people to overcome various limitations in order to live more independent lives. Occupational Therapy focuses on small motor functions that increase the patient’s ability to carry out Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as feeding, dressing, grooming and bathing.

Medical Social Work

Medical Social Work focus on helping individuals enhance or restore their capacity for optimal psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and physical health. This individual is a strong advocate for self-determination and culturally appropriate care for the patient. They are trained in evaluating the strengths of individuals and families and understand that good medical care requires that the wishes and needs of the individuals being served are respected.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide is responsible for assisting patients who need more extensive physical/medical care than a typical caregiver can provide. The HHA provides personal care under the direction/supervision of a nurse. Home Health Aides are not authorized to help with heaving cleaning (e.g., moving furniture, washing windows, etc.), banking errands, or caring for family members or pets.



Nutritionist provides diet and nutritional guidance and education.

Personal Care/Homemaker Services

Personal Care/Homemaker Services provide support services, companionship and light housekeeping services. These services are not covered by Medicare or a health insurance plan. They may be covered under long term care insurance but usually are private pay.

Medication and Treatment

Your Physician will continue to order your medication and medical treatments. These orders will be carried out by our home health care professionals. Our home care professionals will also monitor your response to medication and treatment and will discuss their observations with your Physician and others, as necessary.

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Who Decides My Treatment?

Your physicians will give you information and advice about treatment. You have the right to choose. You can say "Yes" to treatments you want. You can say "No" to any treatment you don't want.

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How Do I Know What I Want?

Your Physician must tell you about your medical condition and about what different treatments can do for you. Many treatments have "side effects". Your Physician must offer you information about serious problems that medical treatment is likely to cause you.

Often, more than one treatment might help you - and people have different ideas about which is best. Your Physician can tell you which treatments are available to you, but your Physician can't choose for you. That choice depends on what is important to you.

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